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TinyHands™ Nail Trimmer

TinyHands™ Nail Trimmer

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The TinyHands™ Nail Trimmer is designed as a convenient solution for cutting your baby's nails without the risk of hurting your baby. It is easy to use and it gently files down the nails with the included grind heads. This is the best alternative to traditional nail clippers. And it works just as well for adults!


SAFE - our trimmer tool is gentle on your baby's nails. It won't damage them, or their soft nails beds and cause any ingrown nails or infections. 

EASY TO USE - no need to struggle with traditional nail clippers. Our tool is lightweight, compact and has a built-in LED light so you can see clearly your baby's nails.

KEEPS YOUR BABY HAPPY - our tool is quiet and won't put any pressure on your baby's little fingers causing your baby to get upset. As the saying goes "Happy Baby, Happy Parents!".



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